Nasim Ertebat Ayandeh Co. (Nasim Telecom TM) started its mission by providing solutions based on VoIP, NGM/IMS, VoLTE and designed and developed products such as SBC, soft switch, call center, IP-PBX, and also provided services like holding telecommunication related training and consulting and collaborating with MNO, FCP and MVNO enterprises.

IMS Solutions

NasimTelecom offers IMS and Online Charging in VNF structure to Prevent Dependency to Equipment and Provide More Reliability.

Call Center

Call Center, as the oldest product of NasimTelecom, is now suitable for emergency centers, large organizations, and private companies.


NasimTelecom allows operators to connect through a accountable system with a dynamic web environment with a lot of features.


NasimTelecom has designed and developed a customizable softphone for both Android and iOS .

Become global with us

By the help of God and our fresh and expert technical members, we have provided our services to large enterprises both inside and outside of the country and have earned their trust and satisfaction.

High standards and reasonable prices of our products and services will result in a mutual beneficial outcome for both of our and your companies.

We are always trying to take a step in development of the telecommunications