Nasim Call Center (SimoTel)

Call Center, as the oldest product of Nasim Telecom, is now suitable for emergency centers, large organizations and private companies.


System reports
Queue reports
Custom reports
Report of Polls
Functional report based on days and hour
Analytic reports based on days and hour
Functional report based on queue

Evaluate agents in queues
Blacklist report
SPIT report
Filter reports by talk or wait time
Incoming calls report
Outgoing calls report
Evaluate Incoming and outgoing calls
Repetitive calls report
Call Effective report (short, medium and long calls)
Compare Queues performance
Evaluate calls based on Pre-Code
Evaluate calls based on Incoming channels
Evaluate calls based on Outgoing channels
Reports based on users group

General system features

Monitor agents
Monitor extensions
Monitor active calls
Create and manage extension
Create and manage trunk
Create and manage queue
Bulk insert and edit of extensions ,trunks and queues
Login and Logout agent by phone or website or API
Supports most known audio formats (for example .wav , mp3,ogg , etc)

Create black list
Create white list
Support features code
Support voicemail

Export reports to excel file
Backup recorded files
Graphical and user friendly Dialplan editor
Integrated voice broadcasting & management call via dialplan editor

Dialplan editor
Implement VoIP application in Graphical components
o IncomingRoute
o Outgoingroute
o Extension
o Queue
Configure Component’s option in editor
Create, delete, rename work sheet
Write code asterisk in dialplan editor (custom plan)
View an undo change in dialplan
Execute AGI in dialplan editor
API Components for access to third party
softwares (CRM,ERP,HIS,etc)
Management call in AutoDiler

Send all event
Login and logout in queue
Pause and UnPause in queue
Receive sound file
Create and edit campaign

Voice broadcasting module

Create virtual trunk
Set capacity for virtual trunk
Set call rate for increase performance
Set schedule for all activity
Send call for all local extension
Send call on PSTN number
Create and management campaign
Schedule start and end time for campaign
Set audio file for campaign
Connect campaign to dialplan editor
Make poll for campaign in editor
Add contact and use phone book
Campaign Reports
Ability to stop or resume ongoing campaign
Ability to cancel ongoing campaign
Ability to resend campaign
Ability to edit campaign