Nasim IMS Solutions

In NGN (Next Generation Network) integration and convergence of services was seen in IP Networks. Accordingly, a new concept called IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) was created by 3GPP.

In this standard, IP-based services are provided to subscribers by IMS infrastructure that is located on the Core Network Operator or FCP. The service on the subscriber side can be convergent. For example, data services, telephone, video, mobile, etc. will be handed over to subscribers with unit management. In this form, all services can be provided on this infrastructure and there is no need to provide different switches for different services so CAPEX and OPEX and thus costs will be decreased. In the near future with more generalization of IOT and IMS in this area, the creation of new businesses in ICT industry will be more advanced with more.

NasimTelecom offers IMS and Online Charging in VNF structure to prevent dependency to equipment and provide easier development and more reliability.

Standard deployment along with capabilities such as USSD over IMS, RCS and etc., makes it possible to create new requirements on client-side.

One of the most important features of NasimTelecom solutions is Application Server (AS), which services such as Call Forwarding, RBT or any Value Added Service (VAS) depends on it.